Touch of a foot, touch of a hand

Touch of a foot, touch of a hand (2009)

ocumentary, Beta Sp, colour, stereo, 20'
Croatian Film Clubs’ Association

Through linear viewing film follows the creation of the tactile sculpture-tapestries made in a factory for carpets and tapestries Regeneracija d.d. in Zabok. This documentary had a double role, one is to visually collect data and the other is to function artistically as a single entity. The director formed this film so that it could be viewed by both the blind people and by those who can see.
Sculpture-tapestries are instruments for exploring tactile perception, and the film is a part of visual methodology of the experimental research project “Experiencing art through perception of blind people” at postgraduate PhD studies of sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.
The title of the film comes from the most intimate moment between a man and a piece of art – a touch as a form of perception which is for the blind people particularly intended to receive information about certain piece of art. Through these tactile sculptures and this film, the author wants to give her small contribution to integrating blind people into the cultural and social life of the community.
The black colour which is continually being shown throughout the film, symbolically represents a non-visual aesthetics, underlines visual parts of the film, carries a monologue, silence, sound and rhythm. The director’s concept shows the connection between the detail and the whole, implements parallel actions, writing and reading of the monologue as a form of adjustment to the needs of the blind people. Perceptional concept of editing relationships between details in film frames, relationship between details of the wide shot and midshot.
The artist builds the film inside out, as one of the characters from the inside, and as the scriptwriter and director from the outside.


scriptwriter, director

Ivona Biočić Mandić

director of photography

Vedran Šamanović


Staša Čelan


Vera Robić-Škarica


Zlatko Turk i Kristijan Lončar


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