35mm, 88'

"... There once was a pump, a fence, and a tree A house and another next to our own But life with them dealt cruelly And a dog was left without a home. Vagrant path is long and tough And a vagabond rides alone When a single friend would be enough Along with a juicy bone..." The verses by Drago Britvić that Stjepan Đimi Stanić sings in the film to the Alfi Kabiljo's music are maybe the best intoduction of the events and the story of the film "Don't Goive in, Floki!": A stray dog arrives in a new part of town with a wish to become a house pet.However, the road to the reaization of his wish is long and uncertain. All the more, because some of the tenants of the building in block 6 do not like Floki... Little Jura (Mario Vuk) likes him, but he has yet to "work" on his dad (Mladen Crnobrnja) and mom (Jagoda Kralj), and the neighbours Franjo (Franjo Majetić), Elza (Zdenka Heršak), Dragec (Oto Levaj), Rezika (Mirjana Pičuljan), and Grašo (Tmislav Gotovac)... We also encounter a poet (Zoran Pokupec), a begger (Tošo Jelić), helpful gradpa (Zvonko Torjanac) and grandma (Zdenka Trach), and a doctor (Đuro Utješanović). There will be even some work cut out for a judge (Tomislav Lipljin)... "... Don't give in, Floki, be a hound Don't you worry too much Man needs a dog around And a dog needs a child's touch..."


Zoran Tadić


Kazimir Klarić

Dragan Ruljančić

Ivan Ivan

Lada Gamulin

Alfi Kabiljo

Edo Lukman i Šaf-ovci

Vesna Štefić


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