MY CRAFT (2014)

Documentary, HDCAM / DCP, c/b, 72´32˝
Croatian Film Association, Zagreb / Starhill, Beograd

 „… and I will again go where no one else will, led by a wild star…“

When the name Arsen Dedić is mentioned, right away everyone thinks about the large number of performed songs we all remember and love, about numerous poetry books, about bohemian, charmer and a fun-loving person which became a constant in our lives a long time ago.

As it usually goes with great artists, whose work becomes a part of a collective conscience, during his lifetime he starts existing in two parallel universes. First is the universe of the great, and in this universe Arsen is Krleža or maybe Ujević of popular music, equal to Dylan and Cohen but more charming and warmer than the both… The other universe is Arsen alone, average person next door trying to graciously steer his own life, a life which has outgrown him a long time ago…


Screenwriter and director

Mladen Matičević

Director of photography

Boris Poljak


Suzana Matičević


Tamara Cesarec, Juraj Lerotić, Dinka Radonić

Cameraman assistants

Alan Koletić, Ranko Mitić


Viktor Grabar, Vedran Mažuranić, Marko Grgić, Marko Perica


Ante Knežević, Šime Knežević, Krunoslav Krčmar, Jurica Cukar, Tonči Gačina


Boris Davčev – Bimbo, Krešimir Motočić


Una Krizmanić Ožegović, Andrea Rožić

Executive producers

Matko Burić HFS, Mirjana Matić HFS, Marijana Kranjec STARHILL, Mladen Matičević STARHILL


Vera Robić-Škarica


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