SOSKE (2001) coproduction

Production: Stichting rue des Lumieres, Croatian Film Clubs’ Association; Documentary, Mini DV, colour, 32'

In Romany language 'soske' means 'why'. The refugees are like Romanies: people pity them, at first they try to help them, but nevertheless do not want them in their neighborhood. Three simultaneous projections take place on three screens, showing three refugees who found their new home in the Netherlands. Perrera, a doctor from Sri Lanka, Veronique, a diplomat from Burundi, and Luba, an actress from Chechnya. All three of them were successful in their homelands, but were forced to leave their countries and start new lives. They are remembering the past, hoping for a better future, and waiting...

directed and screenplay by

Rada Šešić

camera by

Ramani, Sashin Sisic

editing by

Damir Čučić


John Bosters


Perera Kussige, Veronique Nsabimana, Luba Esmurzieva


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