Fiction, HD, colour, stereo, 16:9, 17' 15''

The script for the short fiction film “Delivery” was created as part of the scriptwriting workshop PALUNKO 8. For ten years running, the workshop is held as part of the Zagreb Film Festival. The writers of the winning script receive the chance to make the film produced by the Croatian Film Association.

The 2010 winning script is a subtle drama with elements of comedy. The film spans just one afternoon in the life of Lucija, a student who stumbles into a love triangle at the most unexpected moment. The food delivery brings together her college crush, Hrvoje (24) and Andrija (35), a charming man Lucija is dating, and it all takes place right on her doorstep. In the course of a few minutes, she has to decide who is the looser in this equation, Andrija, Hrvoje, herself or everyone included.

This is a story about those rare yet sometimes possible situations in which indecision and lies can change the course of several lives.


Hani Domazet


Martina Beus


Petra Kurtela, Karlo Mrkša, Frano Mašković i Ivan Mokrović

Director of photography

Dinka Radonić


Andrija Gvozić Michl

Production sound mixer

Daniel Pejić

Boom operator

Igor Šegavić

Production managers and script supervisors

Dunja Bovan i Marina Jurišić

Line producer

Marija Ratković Vidaković


Vera Robić-Škarica


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