DEEP END ART N0 1. (2013)

experimental film, digi beta, 20‘

How to lend ordinary things that surround us every day that invisible uncanny sensation which can be revealed through the specific use of the medium?

Deep End Art No 1 is comprised of about twenty short, haiku-like scenes shot in a garden, for the most part without looking through the lens, accompanied by authentic images and sound. The work in the vegetable patch did not adjust itself to fit the needs of the creation, but just the opposite. Each scene is an independent unit which like a seed contains in itself the potential for further development. It is a fraction of sorts. In this instance the creation was not elaborated in advance, but it came into being as the work progressed. Thus, each moment of the realization also made possible the evaluation process, consequently determining the next step. In a way, it was a jazz improvisation. Would something remain the way it was conceived or would it undergo a transformation depended on unforeseeable circumstances. At times the original material was manipulated in terms of the medium to achieve or suggest a multidimensionality of readings. This piece was inspired by a quote by Henry David Thoreau: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.

Co-financed by Croatian Audiovisual Centre

Screenwriter and director

Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Director of Photography

Ivan Ladislav Galeta


Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Visual identity

Ivan Ladislav Galeta


Vera Robić-Škarica


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