BIRDS (2009)

documentary, Beta Sp, colour, stereo, 30' 02''
Croatian Film Clubs' Association

What was it one time that brought together visual artist Latica Ivanišević and ‘common’ textile worker Zdenko Jereneić from small village of Grabovec, not far from Zabok? And why is it that this Zagreb native still to this day takes the train to see Zdenko in his attic in Grabovec?
It’s the tapestry! Yes, the tapestry!
Back in time, the artist had recognized a very skilled person in this anonymous worker at ‘Regeneracija’ (Regeneration) factory, and this worker’s name was Zdenko Jereneić. His skill showed that using his extraordinary tool (of ‘gun like’ shape), he was able to create miracles according to her sketches, with masterful effect and using multicolored threads. These miracles were the tapestries.

The half-hour documentary ‘Birds’, from the initial thought to the final cut, thoroughly follows each phase in creation of these artifacts, but also the playful couple’s performance of admirable virtuosity. The act of realization itself, almost like a magical ritual, is imbued with a lot of wondrous scenes.

The film was funded with the support of the City of Zagreb – City Office for Culture.


scriptwriter and director

Petar Krelja

assistant director

Vesna Švec Krelja

director of photography

Boris Poljak

sound recording

Tonči Tafra

head gaffer

Tonći Gaćina


Mladen Radaković


Domenico Scarlatti


Višnja Mažuran

executive producer

Vanja Hraste


Vera Robić-Škarica


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