documentary, DCP, b/w, colour, 62'
Hrvatski filmski savez, October 2015.


"If you have a need for film – you should you be given a film, if you have no need for film – you should be banned from watching films. For people who have a need for film, to whom film helps and keeps them alive - those are the people films are made for." Martnac


Martinac is a one-hour film about the life and work of the late avant-garde Split film director and poet Ivan Martinac (1937-2004). Martinac is the kind of biographical film in which the statements of Martinac’s contemporaries, friends and associates alternate in frenetic rhythm with numerous clips from his films and scenes from the stations on his life's journey (Belgrade, Split), evoking in this way the complexity of the author's personality and his dreary life journey. The film is a portrait of a remarkable film appearance.

The authors of this documentary, Mustać and Poljak, "descended" from Cinema Club Split and therefore it is not surprising that they themselves had decided to make a film about Ivan Martinac, such an important author of Split Film School.


Written and directed by

Zdravko Mustać

Director of photography

Boris Poljak


Damir Čučić

Editor Asistent

Lana Horvatić

Sound design

Tihomir Vrbanec

Boris Poljak


Tamara Heidler


Vera Robić-Škarica

Assistents in Beograd

Mladen Matičević
Milan Milosavljević
Miodrag Milošević

The interlocutors in the film

Ivan Ladislav Galeta - Ješa Denegri - Joca Jovanović - Sava Trifković - Marko Babac - Predrag Popović - Želimir Žilnik - Dragoslav Lazić - Andrija Pivčević - Ante Verzotti - Lordan Zafranović - Dunja Ivanišević - Hrvoje Turković - Diana Nenadić - Ivan Obr


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