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Višnja Biti

Višnja Biti

Born in 1953, in Zagreb, where she also finished high school and graduated in comparative literature and philosophy at the Faculty of Letters. She is the editor of the Educational and Children programme of Croatian radio. She has been producing the show 'Why this way?'' for twenty eight years now. The show is addressing young people and their parents, and has received a series of acknowledgements and awards. She is also collaborating in Croatian television's Children and Youth program, working as scriptwriter and hosting youth program, as well as in the Drama program of the Croatian Radio, where she has been writing radio dramas, with which she has also participated at international conferences and festivals. In 2003, she published two books: Why this way? and Nipetnišest (coauthored by Sanja Pilić). She won ''Golden Pen'' of the Croatian Journalist Society (1982), ''Marija Jurić Zagorka'' award (1997), and the annual award of the Croatian Radio Television for 2001.

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