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Sanja Šamanović

Sanja Šamanović

Sanja Šamanović was born in Požega. Graduated  at the Faculty of Geodesy, wher she teaches photography related subject. During the nineties published articles in the magazine Weekend. She has been a member of the „Kino club Zagreb“ since 1996. Worked on a production of several music video clips, industrial and experimental films. Since 2011. she is the director of the One Take Film Festival.

Izvršna producentica

  • Maturanti i plesači / Graduates and dancers  (2008,Vedran Šamanović)
  • Okupacija, 27. Slika / Occupation, the 27th Picture (2013, Pavo Marinković)


  • Prolaz za van / The way out (2010)
  • Terasa / Terrace (2011)