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Jelena Bračun

Jelena Bračun

JELENA BRAČUN was born in 1980. She attended the School of Applied Arts and Design, the Graphics Department. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb at the Department of Art Education in the class of professor Miroslav Šutej. Since 2005, she works as an expert editor of art education publications at the publishing house Školska knjiga. She has edited over sixty course books, textbooks and other school materials, as well as two monographs. She actively pursues experimental animation and video. Since 2007, she is enrolled in the Masters Video program at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana with the topic Time and space in photography, film and video and will receive her Masters degree in 2010.

Solo exhibitions and screenings

  • 2008 interactive video installation Time/space, Nano Gallery, Zagreb
    - video work Fragments, Močvara Gallery, Zagreb; Češka beseda, Zagreb
  • 2007 Lifeline et Ouroboros, K Gallery, Križevci
  • 2006 video work There and Back Again, Fanatic Club, Zagreb
  • 2004 video work There and Back Again, French Mediatheque, Zagreb
  • 2003 exhibition Lifeline, Centar Kaptol Cultural gallery, Zagreb
    - Jelena Bračun - Maja Cipek at the Vladimir Nazor Gallery, Zagreb

Group exhibitions

  • 2008 Lighted form, formed light, City Museum Varaždin, Šibenik and Pula
  • 2007 5+, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb
    - Centrifugal, Gallery of the Student Centre
  • 2006 Siemens Award finalists’ exhibition, Klovićevi dvori Gallery
    - multisensory exhibition The Sacred and the Profane, Gallery of the Student Centre
  • 2005 Essl Award finalists’ exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb
    - Decentralisation, PU Gallery, MMcentar
  • 2004 Speak up, Nova Gallery, Zagreb
    - Theory in practice 2, Dubrovnik, audio and slide on-site installation
  • 2003 Below Level 4, at the public city toilets below the Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb
  • 2002 ALU, Jabukovac 10, Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica
  • 2001 Linocut today 5 in Germany; Bietingheim - Bissingen City Gallery bought off the work

Teaching and methodology work, published works

  • 2010 international symposium Participation Imperative, Zagreb, lecture How and Why – Against the Marginalization of Visual Culture
    - honorary guide for expert tours and workshops of MSU (Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • 2009 co-founder of the Association for the Promotion of Visual Culture OPA and co-organizer of several projects (
    - workbook Učimo gledati for grades 1-4 of primary school, Školska knjiga
  • 2008 Adventures of Vito and Nada, interactive CD-e of the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Richter Collection
    - booklet Magical Materials, a Guide to Correlation and Project Teaching, Školska knjiga
  • 2007 expert essay Correlation and Project Teaching, Školske novine, br. 8, 27th February 2007
  • 2007 – 2010 held about 70 lectures at county councils and art education boards – topics: Analysis and evaluation of children’s art works, Creative play and motivation, Music and image, How to make an animated film, Happiness is in the food, etc.
  • 2007 – 2010 five lectures at national expert art education teachers’ conventions organized by the Education and Teacher Training Agency in Opatija and Split 2007 (topic: What do students learn in primary school?), in Metković 2008 (topic: Introduction to video art), Vis 2009 (topic: How to make an animated film, Introduction to project and research teaching) and Split 2010 (Introduction to project and research teaching)
  • 2007 educational DVD about the permanent display of the Museum of Applied Art, Zagreb
  • 2005 portfolio for children The systematic and the spontaneous in the works of Vjenceslav Richter, for Museum of Contemporary Art
  • 2005 – 07 art workshops as part of exhibitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Plamen Dejanoff, Enigma objekta, Silvio Šarić Paučina, Kristina Leko Amerika,Criss-cross, Prodori avangarde)
  • 2004 - 05 art education teacher at the private primary school Nandi
  • 2002 exhibition of children’s works Skok preko duge (Leap over the Rainbow), Croatian School Museum
  • 2000 - 02 art workshops in the project for the prevention of unacceptable behaviour of children and youth Duga, Udruga za rastjerivanje dosade Antuntun

Videography (festivals and exhibitions)

On Space, On Time, experimental video, 2010, 12 min, prod.: Croatian Film Clubs’ Association, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana

Fragments, exp. animated-documentary video, 2007, 8 min 44 sec, prod.: Croatian Film Clubs’ Association
2009 FIAV Casablanca, Morocco; 2008 Alternative film fest, Beograd; Varaždin City Museum Varaždin; ZagrebDox; 17th Days of Croatian Film; Documenta, Madrid; Močvara Gallery, Zagreb; 2007 5+, Gliptoteka; yearly review of the Croatian Film Clubs’ Association productions, Tuškanac Cinema

Ouroboros, exp. animated video, 2005, 3 min 40 sec, prod.: author, Academy of Fine Arts
2007. Tirana Film Festival; Balkanima, Beograd; Galerija K, Križevci; 2006. Alternativ film i video festival, Beograd; 2005. Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier;

There and Back Again, exp. documentary video, 2004, 11 min, prod.: The French Institute, the British council, author
2006 Fanatic Club; 2005 INSERT, a retrospective of Croatian video art, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb; 2004 French Mediatheque, Zagreb; “Fair of Culture“ at the Student Centre

Ljetna vožnja, video, 2004. 8 min, prod.: author

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, video, 2004, 26 min, prod.: author
2005 “Decentralization“, MM Centar; 2004 „Fair of Culture“ at the Student Centre

Lifeline, experimental animated video, 2003, 1 min 30 sec, production: author
2007 K Gallery, Križevci; 2006 Siemens Award; 2005 Tricky women festival, Vienna; 2004 Mostar Short Film Festival; 16th Animafest-Festival of Animated Film Zagreb, student competition; 13th Days of Croatian Film, experimental film competition; New York, Millenium Film Workshop inc., Recent Croatian Experimental Film and Video (selected by Ivan Paić); 2003 35th Croatian Film and Video Revue, winner of the Special Diploma, Beograd Alternative Filmfestival, Program of the Croatian Female Film and Video (selected by Davorka Vučić-Perić); Festival Visura Aperta at Momjanu; presentations of the same festival at the Nova Gallery and the MM Center;

A selection of books edited

textbooks – Huzjak, Učimo gledati 1-8; Tanay, Valovi boja 1-8; Damjanov, Likovna umjetnost 1, 2; Srnić, Kulturno-povijesna baština; Rismondo i Rismondo, Povijest umjetnosti 20. st; hand books for teachers, art portfolios and didactic material;
reproduction portfolios – Učimo gledati 1- 4; Hrvatski arhitektonski spomenici;
Midžić, Živuće fotografije i pokretne slike; Kiš, Camera obscura;
monographs – artist Gabriel Jurkić; artist Mladen Veža

Awards, scholarships, workshops and other

  • 2008 Under Construction, workshop, Student Centre, Zagreb
  • 2007 Exchange forum Dresden – Zagreb, Film festival Dresden
  • 2005 Yearly award of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for best student at the Academy of Fine Arts
  • 2004 Decentralisation, workshop, Fair of Culture at the Student Centre, Zagreb
    - workshop and conference Speak up, Zagreb
    - Theory in practice 2, Lazareti, Dubrovnik
    - scholarship for video art within the project Ukršteni pogledi of the French Institute and the British Council
  • 1996 international project of the Council of Europe Visions of Europe 2000.


Jelena Bračun, Veslačka 3, Zagreb; 091/765-8333;

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