Vedran Šamanović Award

About the award

The Vedran Šamanović Award is presented every year in honor of esteemed Croatian cinematographer and director Vedran Šamanović as the highest recognition to a film artist in any area of filmmaking, in either short or feature film, who has made the most innovative and valuable contribution to Croatian filmmaking. The award is presented at Pula Film Festival. The award committee reviews the entire Croatian film production of the past twelve months and selects an artist and their work that best reflect the inquisitive and versatile spirit of the artist that inspired the award. According to the regulations agreed on by the five film associations-founders of the award (Film Artists' Association of Croatia, Croatian Cinematographers Guild, Croatian Film Directors Guild, Croatian Film Critics’ Association and Croatian Film Association), all Croatian films that have been publically screened from June 30 of the previous year to July 1 of the current year are eligible for the award.

Vedran Šamanović


Established in honor of cinematographer and film director Vedran Šamanović and inaugurated at Pula Film Festival in 2010, the annual “Vedran Šamanović” Award this year goes to “an artist whose... »more


On Wednesday, July 22 2015, during the 62nd Pula Film Festival, the “Vedran Šamanović” Award was presented to Dalibor Barić for the film “Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions”. About the... »more